Challenges in Manufacturing & Wholesale

In our definition the Manufacturing & Wholesale sector comprises all companies that manufacture industrial (semi-finished) products and resell them directly and / or via a wholesaler.

Key challenges in this sector that could limit profitable growth are:

  • Increasing raw material prices
  • Increasing number of e-wholesalers
  • Suboptimal product portfolio with regard to size, margin distribution, etc.
  • Unstructured pricing processes
  • Revenue instead of margin driven sales organization

Our services

UTR Consulting offers four specific consulting services that are focused on coping with the aforementioned challenges:

  • Pricing Excellence (How do we determine the optimal price for our products?, How should the accompanying processes be designed?, etc.)
  • Portfolio Management (How can we distinguish ourselves from the competition with our products?, What product mix gives us the highest profit?, etc.)
  • Sales Excellence (How do we make sure that customers get the attention they deserve?, How do we make sure that our trade terms stimulate growth?, etc.)
  • Big Data (How do we translate the large amount of available data into management information quickly?, What KPIs do we want to steer on?, etc.)